Sexual harassment laws are designed to protect the offended from repercussions of the act.  It’s not fair for anyone to go through the physical and mental pain and suffering of someone else’s negligence.  For starters, sexual harassment comes in many forms, from senseless flirtation to getting favors in the form of power or compensation.  Sometimes it starts off “lightly” then escalates into full-scale harassment where it gets taken outside the confines of work.  When patterns like this exist, they have a tendency to be volatile at the next level and you never know what the perpetrator is capable of doing next.  Sexual advances are inappropriate anywhere you are, but in the work place context, people have to consider the real ramifications involved.  Lawsuits can — and will happen.  More employers are taking this seriously, and rightfully so.  Even HR measures don’t fully address the issue.  Watching videos and going through mandatory training can only do so much for the offended – and the perpetrator.

If you think you’ve been discriminated against, hire a sexual harassment lawyer.  You owe it to yourself in many ways, not just for peace of mind. There is no telling how many other people were affected, too – not just at your company, but somewhere else.  Oftentimes, the offended stay quiet about it and their information is not divulged to anyone, even their immediate supervisor.  Don’t waste any time; do it immediately because the longer it drags out the worse it’s going to get. Mentally, those who do the harassing feel they are empowered and have a right to do it.  They feel that they can continue to do it as long as they want because “it’s not really hurting anyone” or “I can do what I want because I’ve worked this hard to get here.” They’re wrong.

Think about this: you may not feel like it’s a big deal, but in reality the effects of harassment inevitably come back.  In some cases, they don’t come back until months after the event happened. There are some advantages to suing your employer if you think you have been a victim of harassment.

  • It shows them you are not going to take it anymore.  Whether it’s a person in power or not is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that you are the one that is getting hurt.  It could affect your performance, self-esteem, and work standing.  No one ever wants to go through that at any time. Consulting with a lawyer will go a long way in diminishing the issues at hand.
  • Things will get back to as they were before the harassment took place.  Whether that was because you were out of compensation or because you didn’t rightfully move up in the company, having a lawyer’s presence can bring that back.  It is a harrowing experience to undergo those affects, but they can be reversed.
  • By hiring a sexual harassment lawyer and fighting the cause, it could cause the perpetrator to stop their pattern of sexual harassment.  Knowingly harassing or not, people have the tendency to stop their activities when they’re caught or called out on their actions.  With this action alone, you could be protecting several people from ever getting hurt again. 

Harassment is nothing to turn a blind eye to.  It won’t take long for sexual harassment to take on all new levels – sometimes dangerous levels.  For women, especially, it is important to note that there is also the possibility of any claim falling under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Sexual harassment crosses many bounds across all genders and races.  It’s something that has existed from the beginning of business. 

If you feel like you’ve been harassed in some way, hire a sexual harassment lawyer. If you’re afraid that it will make it worse for you at your employment, do not fear.  Silence could be the thing instigating the perpetrator even more. 

Many companies have tried to stop sexual harassment because it can become costly monetarily – and from a PR perspective, too.  But in some cases, it is just impossible to do.  This is where your raw courage comes into play.  This is your livelihood at stake – and the livelihood of countless others who have been harassed in the work place.

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