One can only marvel at the elite caliber of candidates the Toronto mayoral race has attracted.

First came the resignation of  “family man” candidate Adam Giambrone when it came to light he had Tiger-esque tendencies unrelated to golf:–emotional-adam-giambrone-admits-to-multiple-affairs

Now it has come to light that front runner Rob Ford, the people’s candidate, shares a common populist attribute, namely, a criminal record for impaired driving as well as two for assault, his spouse being one of the victims. He also had a joint of marijuana in his pocket when arrested on the DUI charge but was not convicted of that count:

The above article goes on to detail some of the candidate’s thoughtful and incisive pronouncements:

Also on the record were his Ralph Klein-esque berating of homeless people, his Bobby Knight-esque coaching strategies, his drunken buffoonery at a Maple Leafs game, his impossibly juvenile squabbles with other councillors, his politically incorrect utterances about Asian-Canadians and people with AIDS….”

In the aftermath of the revelations regarding Mr. Ford’s criminal history his main rival, openly homosexual George Smitherman, admitted he had been addicted to “party drugs” of the stimulating, illegal but not injected variety:

Lastly – we can only hope! – candidate Sarah Thompson has revealed she was once charged with assault but that the Crown dropped the case:–thomson-has-also-been-arrested

Once again we have proof that politics attracts the cream of the moral and intellectual crop!