Criminal lawyer Terry Robertson was appointed special prosecutor, no doubt at a handsome hourly rate footed  by  taxpayers, to investigate irregularities in the election campaign of solicitor general Kash Heed, the minister in charge of police and prisons in British Columbia. After supposedly completing his report, which recommended prosecuting those in charge of Kash’s campaign, Terry resigned due to a possible appearance of bias because it turns out his own law firm had contributed to the very campaign under investigation! One can’t help wondering how this only came to light after completion of the investigation. Is this a case of suppressed memory? Will anyone be surprised if it turns out the “T. Robertson” who  made a personal donation is the same special prosecutor? In the meantime, in order to avoid any possible appearance of irregularity, Kash, who resigned at the outset of the investigation, has done so again while investigator Terry is himself investigated.

Apologies to those who read this after eating.