Although judge Provost’s ruling might provide some relief for those who have received excessive speeding tickets it is important to remember the loophole will be plugged and the penalties for speeding tickets falling within the definition of “major excess” will apply. Anyone clocked exceeding the speed limit by 40 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone will be subject to double the normal fine as well as losing double the number of demerit points. In a 70 km/hr speed limit zone the fine and points double at 50 km/hr over the limit and in a 100 km/hr zone at 60 km/hr over the limit. Thus, many criminal lawyers in Montreal already have desperate clients facing the loss of 10 demerit points for having been caught driving at 120 km/hr or more on roads such as the Ville Marie or Decarie expressways, since the limit on these highways are 70 km/hr, even though almost no one, police included, drive at  these ridiculously slow speeds. Can anyone say “money grab”?