Previous rants on the subject of North America’s misguided war on drugs have made the point that attempting to eliminate the supply of recreational drugs is doomed to failure and in fact  fuels organized crime.

Now it is comforting to see  a substantial group of scientists  making an effort to enlighten the public on the pernicious effects of this extravagantly expensive counterproductive policy. Of course the born again crime busters will smugly deride this view as that of so-called “ivory tower academics” but this begs the question: who are more intelligent, the scientists who develop smart phones, GPS and all the other technologies we love, or social philosophers like Ronald Reagan and George Bush? Who do the latter themselves rely on but social scientists to generate  the polling results and policy analyses necessary to garner votes? It is time for us to listen to the most intelligent elements of our community when developing policies and not to intuitive views which appeal to the masses.