rob ford

During the Toronto mayoral campaign in August 2010 a previous blog referred to the fact of the three leading candidates all having histories of drug use and/or criminal allegations against them. In light of the recent allegations, combined with the retrieval of incriminating evidence and the belated confessions offered by His Worship Mayor Ford, it appears the voters of Toronto clearly opted for the candidate likely to provide the most work for criminal attorneys.

Thus far the media have devoted most of their attention to the mayor’s drug and alcohol habits but it seems likely the story will take on a more criminal slant in the coming months. This appears from the fact that the almost five hundred page court document released by the police detailing extensive surveillance of the leader of Ford Nation associating with and exchanging packages with an individual charged with drug trafficking and extortion is heavily edited when referring to Mr. Ford’s activities. In addition, the police have confirmed their desire to interview the mayor in the course of their ongoing investigation and that, thus far, their request to do so has been declined on the advice of his lawyer. In fact, the evidence already made public is so incriminating that a noted criminal lawyer has publicly opined that, in failing to arrest Mr. Ford already, the Toronto police have deliberately botched their investigation in order to protect the mayor.