It is sad to see the national media once again devoting their resources to publicizing the gruesome story of a disgusting case of sex murder. One wonders what weakness in the human psyche creates a mass readership for hourly updated coverage of every lurid detail of the sordid case of a young girl abducted on the first day she was to walk home from school alone and then sexually assaulted and murdered by blows from a hammer. This horrible event occurred three years ago and since then countless crimes involving sex and violence – some detected and prosecuted, many not – have been committed while precious little has been done to identify and address the root causes of these grisly crimes. It is a pity resources are devoted to pandering to the morbid curiosity of the masses rather than making every effort to prevent future occurrences. One wonder’s how many publishers are aware of the body of scientific research which tends to show that such reporting can incite those with sick fantasies to act them out by victimizing other innocent children.