Reading how the law is powerless to prevent the planned burning of Qur’ans by so-called “reverend pastors”- who are carrying firearms  in the face of worldwide outrage and the real prospect of deadly retaliation by offended Muslim radicals- one wonders why the American constitution wouldn’t provide a means for the federal government to simply prevent this egregious perversion of “religious free speech” from taking place. In Canada we have the War Measures Act  which suspends civil rights in cases of emergency such as existed when a foreign diplomat was kidnapped and a cabinet minister murdered by nationalist terrorists in 1970.  
It would be heartening to see the American government make a clear statement that freedoms have limits when they are  exercised  in a way that is clearly wrong-minded and endangers innocent lives. The armed pseudo religious  yahoos proposing to perpetrate this affront to freedom of religion should simply be preventively arrested and incarcerated for the several days bookending 9/11.