The Harper crime busters got the added impetus they need to pass their flawed pardon reform legislation with the news that the infamous Karla Homolka (Bernardo) soon will be eligible to apply for a pardon under the current legislation. The proposal to eliminate pardons for broad categories of crimes is currently stalled in Parliament but the prospect of having the notorious Ms. Homolka pardoned should be enough to cower any opposition to the heavy handed proposed legislation, with the result that countless offenders will be denied the benefits of a pardon in order to prevent the granting of pardons in the  few egregious cases from raising the hackles of the righteous   moral majority. Denying pardons to those convicted of entire categories of offences on the basis of media fueled knee jerk reaction to a tiny minority of high profile cases  is akin to swatting a fly with a sledge hammer but the Harperites are savvy enough to see the vote garnering potential of this latest misguided law and order initiative.