Apparently even the ink stained wretches filling the media section of the courtroom were shocked at the images of Canada’s most vilified criminal posing with his victims while wearing their underwear. This begs the question: Why are several days of precious court time being devoted to publicizing the salacious details of  a pervert’s sordid crimes when the sentence to be imposed is automatically the maximum provided by the Criminal Code? What is being accomplished besides sating our decadent society’s ever more voracious appetite for lurid descriptions of sexual deviation? If anything it can be speculated that exposure to graphic depictions of these crimes might well whet the desire of those inclined toward such depravity, possibly to the point of acting  out at the expense of other innocent victims. Society’s revulsion toward criminals like Russell Williams would be better expressed by a court hearing lasting no more than the few minutes required to pronounce the sentence which effectively locks him up and throws away the key, without further ado.