Many questions arise from the federal legislation legalizing possession of marijuana.

It is obvious in Montreal, as elsewhere, the government retailers do not have access to sufficient supplies in order to keep the stores stocked with cannabis products and it seems the situation will remain the same for at least several months. In the meantime consumers will presumably continue to buy on the black market. Criminal lawyers are wondering whether police will devote the same resources to enforcing the new laws or be more tolerant in light of the fact that it is only the source and not the nature of the substance which will be illegal.

Montreal criminal lawyers are familiar with tobacco cases which arise from trafficking in products from non government sources. In the case of tobacco the price difference between legal and black market products is huge due to the high taxes and duties on tobacco. In the case of cannabis it seems the price of legal stock might not be significantly higher than on the black market so criminal lawyers might not see a large volume of prosecutions. Time will tell.