Minnesota DWI: Above the Limit

It will be interesting to see the trends in DWI offenders and enforcement in the years to come. Studies show that Minnesota DWI’s are falling, but will new strategies make a major impact? Law enforcers of MN are working to reduce the rate of repeat offenders by implementing a breathalyzer in the vehicle itself. The offender must blow into the tube in order to start the ignition. This will no doubt make an impact, considering most of the lethal DWI cases are from repeat offenders. Where there’s a will there is a way, and some of you might know that drunkards are very stubborn. There are ways around the in-car breathalyzer, but is it worth it? In 2009 Minnesota began testing the device, and have now implemented technology in place of the old driver’s license revocation method. Although, the technology still costs about the same as reinstatement fees and processing fees combined. It cost around $900 to have the machine installed. By the end of 2013, they will have results and we will be able to see if this latest strategy has proven effective.

Benjamin Coffman has been writing, blogging, and active in the legal industry for many years. He has created this infographic for Carolyn Agin Schmidt at Caslw.net