On his way back to prison the convicted felon who gave up his Canadian citizenship to become Lord Black of Crossharbour delivered an eloquent oration proclaiming his innocence and condemning those responsible for his persecution. When the judge uttered the fateful words dooming him to re- incarceration  his loyal and long suffering wife, Lady Black, fainted in anguish.

This performance begs the question: Why didn’t His Lordship and/or Her Ladyship of Crossharbour deign to assert Mr. Black’s innocence under oath before the jury charged with judging him? Why would a man of his Lordship’s commanding dignity and eloquence fear cross examination by lowly government lawyers, to the point of standing mute as the court perpetrated the egregious injustice of convicting him of crimes of dishonesty? It would be enlightening to hear this upper class criminal explain why he only chose to proclaim his innocence to the judge when he knew very well it was too late, since she was bound by the jury’s prior determination of his guilt. Could it be that even in his delusional self righteous state he knew any innocent explanation of his greedy and arrogant actions would be discredited by a few simple questions?