It is nice to see a criminal court render a decision in line with ordinary precedents in a case involving publicity due to the celebrity status of the victim.

Rock star Noel Gallagher, well known for his own alcohol and drug fueled escapades, was the victim of a shameful assault during a performance in Toronto. The accused pleaded guilty and proceedings were delayed when the celebrity victim expressed his desire to testify on the sentencing hearing as to the pain and trauma he had suffered. In the end Mr. Gallagher couldn’t find the time to make the trip to court and his written statement that he continued to suffer and indeed might never fully recover from the three broken ribs he received from being pushed by the accused seemed somewhat exaggerated. In balancing the fact the accused was a middle aged family man of otherwise unblemished reputation whose actions were facilitated by alcohol consumption the judge decided on a sentence of one year’s house arrest. Most criminal lawyers would agree this sentence seems fair and reasonable and in line with sentences imposed in the multitude of criminal assault cases of similar gravity which never come under media scrutiny.