Having avoided thus far calls for an inquiry into the collaboration between organized crime and politicians in the construction industry premier Charest has reacted to allegations of improper political  influence  on the appointment of judges by ordering a public inquiry into the appointment process. Taxpayers will once again foot the bill for a horde of lawyers with political connections to delve into the very simple process already explained publically by the head of the Qubec Bar Association:

The reality is once again that nothing is wrong with the selection process; the problem is with the way it it is carried out. Since the selection committee which determines the list of eligible candidates is appointed by the minister and the  minister in consultation with cabinet makes the final decision it is obvious that politicians can easily control the entire process and are free to ensure  these lucrative positions are bestowed on their friends and supporters. Everyone in the system knows that a vast majority of judges have political connections of one type or another and we can rest assured the inquiry will not reveal information on the political and social ties of recently appointed judges.