Another opportunity to invoke the riot provisions of the Criminal Code was missed after the latest surprise victory by  Montreal’s beloved (when they win) Canadiens. The antics of looters should provide some work for Montreal criminal lawyers and plenty of trepidation for city law enforcement authorities at the prospect of dealing with the frenzy generated by the possibility of two more series victories by the Habs. Once again  some comfort is provided by the fact that both of the series leading to the Stanley Cup will have the seventh games on the road, but what if one or both of them is won in an earlier game in Montreal? If the last game in Pittsburgh could attract 21,000 people to the Bell Centre to watch the game on television and lead to a mini riot afterwords what would be the aftermath of a victory at home? It might be advisable to read some form of a Riot Act before the deciding game and establish some sort of curfew for post game celebrations. If not, their might not be enough criminal lawyers in Montreal to deal with the fallout!