Greatest Legal Underdogs in History

It’s never easy to be the underdog, and that especially applies to the world of litigation. Winning a lawsuit often depends on having the best lawyer, which more often than not means being able to afford to hire the best lawyer. If you find yourself on either side of a lawsuit without the money to hire a great lawyer, the odds aren’t going to be in your favor.

If that sounds unfair, that’s because it is. We would all like to think that justice will be served to those who are the most deserving of it, but that doesn’t always happen. That doesn’t mean that it never happens, however. The odds may not favor the underdog in a court case, but sometimes the evidence does. When this happens, no amount of power and funds can change the outcome of a court case.

Underdogs do win court cases. Here are a few examples of when this has happened.

Source: Best Paralegal Schools Online