It will be interesting to see how the former hockey coach  will be treated by the courts after returning from exile in Mexico to face new  charges dating from the same era in the 1970’s as the crimes for which he was convicted; sentenced to 3 1/2 years, and subsequently pardoned.Fair minded observers can only hope the fact that one of his alleged victims is a celebrity former athlete who lacked the courage to come forward when another NHL player originally accused Mr. James will not motivate the courts to carry out a miscarriage of justice and reincarcerate  the offender. It is simply not fair to punish someone many years after some of his crimes and then do the same for other contemporaneous offences after the person has paid the price and reorganized his life. The fact that the additional victims summoned up the resolve to come forward should be enough to exorcise their  undeniable demons without ruining the life of the accused a second time.