Much is being made of the proposed legislation aimed at cracking down on distributors whose gas pumps are rigged to charge more than the actual price of the gas. While this can’t hurt, it diverts attention from the real problem which is the blatant price fixing prevalent in many areas. One commonly sees gas prices at the same level in a given district and then  decline in step with each other before jumping  at the same time at all the stations in the district. This pattern follows a weekly cycle on an ongoing basis. How can it be explained that all the stations run out of the cheaper gas within minutes of each other and are forced to raise their prices at the same time as their competitors? Shouldn’t some stations continue to sell at a lower price  for some time after others are forced to raise their prices? Anti price fixing laws are meant to ensure prices are determined by supply and demand and not by conspiracies to gouge as much as the consumer will bear.