Criminal lawyers in Sleazeville, our nation’s capital, must be salivating at the prospect of partaking the fruits of the RCMP investigation launched by the PM against his honourable minister of state for the status of women. Who knows how many hefty retainers will have to be paid by affluent defendants charged with criminal offences uncovered by the probe into the “serious allegations” which forced the resignation of the now former honourable minister? Not to mention  her also formerly honourable husband who, after benefitting from sacandalous leniency following his arrest for drunken driving and possession of cocaine, was apparently overheard bragging to business cronies, during a “booze -soaked evening with ‘busty hookers'”, about his contacts within Mr. Clean Harper’s inner circle. If the fruits of the investigation are particularly bountiful the voting masses might even have the privilege of paying a horde of lawyers to run  a Public Inquiry caranival to seek the truth and further the noble crusade to stamp out corruption.