The Criminal Code prohibits prize fights other than those sanctioned and supervised by a government commission. Strict rules are enforced in order to protect those participating in this obviously dangerous “sport”. These include mandatory medical examinations and regulations governing gloves and hand wraps.

In the NHL and even in junior hockey teams have players whose only role is “policing” and “firing up the team” by fighting, almost always against their role counterpart on the opposing team. Typically these fights are between “players”  well over six feet tall and two hundred pounds who are trained in martial arts and who wear no padding whatsoever on their hands. Obviously these bouts are not sanctioned by any athletic commission.

Given the lack of any role on their respective teams apart from fighting it is not much of a stretch to consider hockey enforcers as prize fighters acting in contravention of the Criminal Code. Why not simply send out the police to arrest the participants the next time an illegal hockey prize fight occurs?