Montreal criminal lawyers are well aware of Canada’s willingness to extradite its citizens to the United States, often in cases of fraudulent telemarketing. Canadians are routinely sent to be be dealt with by the extraordinarily harsh American criminal justice system even when a prosecution in Canada would be perfectly viable. Extraditions have been ordered even after  unreasonably long  delays between the commission of the offence and the request being made.

Assuming  Amanda Knox’s  murder conviction by an Italian court is maintained on appeal it will be interesting to see how willing to give up one of their nationals to a foreign jurisdiction the Americans show themselves to be. Many lawyers and political analysts predict excuses will be found to avoid  surrendering Ms. Knox to serve her 28 year sentence for the gruesome sex slaying of her former roommate. It seems Americans only trust their own draconian-not to say cruel and unusual-criminal justice system.

In the meantime it is reported the convicted murderess is being paid over 3 million dollars for her so-called “story”. Crime doesn’t pay?