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Montreal criminal lawyers are often faced with complex police operations involving video and audio surveillance which produce important elements of criminal cases.

In his position as lecturer in criminal law at McGill University in Montreal at the outset of the Charter of Rights Mr. Barbacki had the opportunity to keep informed of the evolution of the criminal law as new principles were developed to adapt the law to the Charter. Familiarity with these principles is critical in formulating criminal defence strategies. Each criminal case is based on the availability of incriminating evidence and the understanding the rules of evidence allows the criminal lawyer to elaborate successful criminal defence strategies.

When the Charter Of Rights came into force the Criminal Law was overhauled in order to conform to the rules and principles of the Charter. In his position as Coordinator of the Criminal Law Review for the Federal Ministry of the Solicitor General Mr Barbacki, criminal lawyer, was involved in the development of the modern criminal law in areas such as:


SEARCH and SEIZURE, which governs the obtaining execution of Search Warrants which are often critical parts of criminal cases. Criminal defence in Montreal and most other jurisdictions often focuses on the admissibility of evidence obtained by searches with or without warrant.


WIRETAP EVIDENCE, which is one of the most powerful tools available to the Police and must often be dealt with in criminal law defence.

CONFESSIONS and ADMISSION’s, which are regulated by more complex rules under the criminal law as informed by the Charter of Rights and often form the basis of criminal law defence.

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