The Supreme Court has ruled  a man who made holes in a condom without telling his girlfriend is guilty of sexual assault. The court held that leading the woman to believe she was protected from pregnancy when in fact she wasn’t constituted fraud which negated her consent to the sexual activity. The court held that not all lies told  in order to obtain consent to sex would vitiate consent; only those giving rise to a significant  risk of harm would result in criminal liability for sexual assault. In this case it was held that an unwanted pregnancy constituted harm. The fact that  court rulings in other criminal cases have held that “harm” can include psychological harm, a debate has arisen as to whether a woman who did the same thing would be guilty of a crime. Would subjecting a man to the risk of the psychological harm resulting from unwanted fatherhood  be considered  sexual assault?  Many criminal lawyers are eager to see how the courts would rule on the question.