Reading how this former member of the “tough on crime” Harper government was able to plea bargain his case it is important to note the charge he pleaded guilty to was under the provincial Highway Traffic Safety Act and not under the Criminal Code. This means the Honourable Mr. Jaffer received   no more than a traffic ticket for being clocked at 93 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone; failing a breathalyzer test, and being in possession of  cocaine! This comes shortly after news of how his wife, the even more Honourable Helena Guergis, a current Harper cabinet minister, arrived at an airport 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure and threw a fit  until her rank was acknowledged and she was allowed to board the flight while the ordinary people on the plane were delayed:

Article 15 of the Charter Of Rights recognizes the right to equal treatment according to law; power people are clearly more equal than the voting masses .