With the arrival of spring the bicycle traffic resumes and the tiny minority of people who insist on competing with cars in the downtown sector lobby for more and more freedom to impede traffic. It is heartening at least to see some debate on the issue during the current mayoralty campaign in Toronto and for once credit should be given to a politician who formulates the question as clearly as it can be:

“The war on the car must end now! There absolutely needs to be a pro-bike agenda in this city, but we can’t be turning everything upside-down to accommodate a very small percentage of the population. We need to be realistic and realize that bikes will never take over the car, not without proper transit. It just won’t cut it in this city.”

When will someone point out that the vast majority of cars downtown are occupied by people in the process of working and generating economic development and taxes. Why do our governments pander to the needs of cyclists who want to enjoy their recreation downtown?

Cyclists should put there bikes onto their car and drive to the suburbs, or better yet, into the country  to go for a  leisurely ride.