Once again a criminal lawyer has become a client for another lawyer. The sad case of Jessie Bérubé was in  the news again when she pleaded guilty to drug offences as well as a charge of obstruction of justice. The former defence attorney, who was expelled from the Bar  in 2012, created quite a stir when she fainted in court during a murder case while under the influence of cocaine and had to be taken to a hospital. Subsequently it was discovered she had counseled a client who was being investigated by the police  to establish a false alibi . The investigation revealed she had exchanged over 300 text messages with persons involved in the attempt to concoct the phony alibi. At the sentencing hearing it was revealed Ms. Bérubé began using marijuana at the age of 13, cocaine when she was 15, and had entered drug rehab at 19 years old. A pre-sentence report was ordered to provide more details on her background in order to assist the judge in imposing an appropriate sentence.