Supermax is short for super maximum security. There are several supermax prisons situated all over the U.S. that house the most dangerous criminals in America. Some of the criminals that are housed in these prisons are even risks to national security. Because of this, supermax prisons have been completely designed around not letting prisoners escape at any cost.

The phrase ‘at any cost’ certainly applies here. The cost for these prisons is staggering compared to regular security prisons. The average cost of housing a single inmate per year in a supermax prison is about three times that of the cost of general population inmates.

There are a lot of things working against a possible inmate escape from a supermax prison. For starters, the building is designed so that inmates have no idea where they are located in the facility. Electricity is remotely controlled and guards watch prisoners 24 hours a day. Doors in the facility are remote controlled and steel. Security guards, attack dogs, laser beams, and pressure pads are situated throughout the prison to guard the prisoners.

There is an exceptional visual representation of supermax prisons detailed in this infographic.