Neither the Canadian criminal law nor the English law from which it is derived have ever dared to legislate against the right of women- or men for that matter- to sell their bodies. Instead, the law has always restricted itself to prohibiting the nuisance caused by the practice of prostitution by prohibiting the keeping of houses of prostitution , i.e.” bawdy houses”, the conglomeration of which leads to the much reviled “red light districts”, and prohibiting communication in a public place for the purpose of prostitution . This gives rise to the question: How does one legally secure the services of a prostitute?

Responding to advertisements in the electronic and print media would seem to be legal if the meeting occurred at either person’s residence, but meeting at a hotel/motel might not, since the rented room could well be interpreted as a place kept for the purposes of prostitution, i.e. a bawdy house. Otherwise, it would seem the only way to avail one’s self of a prostitute would be to negotiate the service in a private place not kept for that purpose. How often would someone ever meet a prostitute in a private place? It seems in practice that most legal face to face requests for prostitution would be met by an indignant slap in the face!